Xbox Redeem Codes Recycled?

I just wanted to know how the xbox redeem system works, and if Microsoft recycles previous codes?

For the record I’m not trying to scam, I just came across a guy giving out beta codes for Gears3 but when I searched the codes a number of websites appeared.

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    I would be shocked if they ever re-used a key, ever.

    An Xbox key is a 25 character long string which can take letters or number. It does not differentiate uppercase from lower case.

    The number of possible combinations is thus: 24+10(25) or 1038.

    To give you an idea of how big of a number this is, there are an estimated ~1023 stars in the universe. If each of those stars had 1 planets around them, and each planet was inhabited by 1 billion people, and each person could redeemed 1 million codes before they ran out of codes.

    For Xbox to reuse codes they would have to implement an entire second system to recycle codes with 0 actual benefit.

    I think it’s a very safe assumption to say Xbox does not reuse codes.

    There is no way of knowing for sure.

    My guess is that they do get recycled eventually after being redeemed. I am guessing Microsoft keeps some kind of “pool” of unused keys to use for new things. Once a one-time-use key is redeemed, I am guessing that Microsoft will put it back into the pool.

    It is true that keys may be left in boxes or on store shelves for a very long time or even for forever. This means that they can’t just use them as they please and they can’t just randomly generate ones when they need new ones because they may already be out in the wild.

    That all being said, the format they use for their keys is a 25 character, alphanumeric string. This provides enough uniqueness that they could probably get away with using news ones forever. At least in a given region. They may re-use keys between North America and other regions for all we know, the games don’t work the same, I wouldn’t expect the keys to either.

    Bottom line, your guess is as good as mine.

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