XBox 360 has no sound with HDMI cable

I received an xbox for Christmas and I’ve been trying to connect it. Unfortunately, when I connect it using an HDMI cable, I get picture but no sound. I’ve made sure my TV is set to “TV Speaker” (it’s a Samsung Plasma), but with no luck. I’ve made sure that my volume is un-muted and turned up in order to hear the game, but no sound seems to be coming from the TV.

I also tried to connect the A/V cords in the back of the xbox so that I can route sound to my receiver, thinking that perhaps the HDMI connection on the xbox doesn’t support audio, but it seems that when you connect the A/V cable (i.e. the RCA convertor) to the back of the xbox, it makes i

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  • One Solution collect form web for “XBox 360 has no sound with HDMI cable”

    I was able to find an answer to this question here. Basically, the HDMI handshake doesn’t work correctly between some TVs and the Xbox. The TV tells the Xbox to only allow PC-like display options if it’s set to auto-detect the display settings.

    To fix this:

    1. Open the options on the Xbox Main Screen
    2. Right until you get to Settings
    3. Select Console SettingsDisplay Discovery
    4. Turn the auto display discovery to Off

    It will ask you to reset your TV and Xbox, after which you should have sound.
    You will also need to reset your display configuration (i.e. your resolution/HD settings).

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