Wulfgar won't teach me Unrelenting Force's final word after Arngeir accepts horn of Jurgen

I am seeing this bug in Skyrim where Wulfgar doesn’t respond though you found his horn.

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    Along with shutting the gate, also try using Whirlwind Sprint through the gate one more time, shut it and go talk to him.


    I’m going to give you the answer you don’t want, but with a twist that you do.

    Reload from a previous save.

    Wait keep reading!

    Seriously, reload. But don’t do it just once and expect it to work. I encountered the invisible bug from the mage’s colledge quest and had to reload a previous save about four times. Save the game just prior to doing the quest, and then reload until it works. Sure it might take a little while but it’ll be a heck of a lot less time than restarting from scratch each time. Good luck!

    When you receive the horn from the girl and listen to her give her story don’t rush off to kill the dragon, drop the horn off first… It screwed up for me the first time when I dropped off the horn after then replayed and did the latter and it worked.

    This is what worked for me: I attacked Wulfgar. He killed me. I went outside and closed the gate. I went to Arngeir. He said come inside. I looked at the gate, activated R2 as sprint. The gate opens and the others start to walk inside.

    I ran through the gate and then followed him around, when the greybeards got in a circle he finally taught me.

    You have to talk to Arngeir twice first he’ll tell you to talk to Wulfgar then he will tell you to go inside and then Wulfgar will tell you

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