Won't Xbox Marketplace let me choose my own language?

I just purchased Assassins Creed: Revelations on Xbox marketplace and woe, as usual, it assumes I want my damn game in Norwegian. The game is now riddled with horrendously badly translated Norwegian labels and it really really bothers me.

The options lets me change the “game text” to English. If not I would simply delete the game and never look back. But every meta game label is still in Norwegian, and that’s not even the point. It seems to me that Xbox marketplace checks my IP address, decides that I live in Norway and assumes that I suck at English and want all my content in Norwegian. It’s enraging that I don’t get to choose.

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  • Please tell me that I’m wrong and that I can COMPLETELY change the language of the game and the console to English. (Also please tell me how)

    EDIT: I have actually started to play the game now, and it turns out the only thing about the game that is still English is the voice acting and subtitles. Every label, description, explanation, notice, warning and tutorial is still mind-numbingly badly translated into Norwegian. I have to fix this. I’m 20 minutes into the newest game in my favorite game series and I’m still just getting pissed by the fact that the label on X in an assassination scenario says “Drep” instead of “Assassinate” and similar atrocities. It’s unacceptable – please help

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    Alas, the answer of my question lies in this conversation with Xbox Customer Service:

    Kesha: Thanks for waiting, Tomas. Do you have any issue with purchasing content in English?
    Tomas: I would prefer to have everything in English
    Tomas: Including my Xbox Live profile, Xbox Marketplace labels, all my games etc
    Tomas: I don’t like Norwegian
    Kesha: Ok, I understand. One moment, let me research to see if there is Assassin’s Creed Revelations in English.
    Kesha: Thanks you so much for waiting. Tomas, I was able to find that Assassin Creed Revelations for you region does not have an English version.
    Tomas: In other words, Microsoft is forcing me to play the terrible Norwegian translated version of Assassins Creed?
    Tomas: That can’t possibly be good enough
    Tomas: Can you change my region?
    Kesha: I totally understand, as of right now changing location has been disabled.

    To summarize, Xbox doesn’t let you choose the language of the games you purchase. It sets the language to what ever the main language of the location in which you purchased your Xbox is. I shudder to think of the poor souls who bought their Xbox on vacation to an exotic country.

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