Will using Javascript sorcery have a negative effect on the game?

I uh.. have been using Javascript sorcery* to get ridiculous amount of candies in Candy Box.

Javascript sorcery

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  • I am wondering if I could break the game, encounter horrible game bugs or by-design game features that could have a negative effect on gameplay if I keep on doing this. Can I add any amount of candy or lollipops that I want without encountering any problems?

    * cheats

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    I found a possible side effect. If you eat a ridiculous amount of candies, your hitpoints will get so high, that…

    …fighting yourself will take a long time: enter image description here


    I needed to sleep, so set candies.candiesPerSecond very very high so I could complete the game and get to bed.

    enter image description here

    There are no negative side effects, I was even able to save and reload the game.

    Since javascript has dynamic variables, you can make the numbers as high as you possibly want as long as javascript can handle it. For AFAIK there shouldn’t be a problem with huge numbers. It will be transformed to the e-notation. Once you finish the game and randomize everything using the “computer” it also comes up with such huge values.

    For some reason, whenever I had cheated, I couldn’t move up and down in hell. I don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix it. It’s probably because I’m using Chrome.

    @badp I wish I could do that. I honestly have no idea why my game is doing this. It’s annoying, but I guess I’m just going to have to do this the hard way :P.

    @Ullallulloo Thanks for editing and respecting my answer :).

    The only negative aspect I can see, is messing up a spelling, that messes up your game in some unforeseen manner. Nearly impossible.

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