Why won't this command work?

/summon Villager ~ ~2 ~ {Offers:{Recipes:[{buy:{id:371,Count:15},sell:{id:264,Count:4}}

I’m using this as a recycler villager, and I can’t get the first trade to work. What’s going on?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Why won't this command work?”

    If you remove the text from the NBT tag, you get this:


    This shows that you have unbalanced brackets. To correct this, just add ]}} to the command, to close all the brackets.

    /summon Villager ~ ~2 ~ {Offers:{Recipes:[{buy:{id:371,Count:15},sell:{id:264,Count:4}}]}}

    In future, you could use MCStacker, a tool for generating longer commands.

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