Why isn't my skin uploading in Minecraft 1.9?

I’ve been having some problems with the Minecraft 1.9.2 skins. I have tried uploading multiple skins to my profile and none are showing up. As soon as I open Minecraft and load a singleplayer world, the default Steve skin shows up. Also when I try and play multiplayer on like Mineplex or Hypixel, not only is MY skin showing up as Steve everyone else’s is too.
When ever I do this I am not offline.

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    I have the same problem before.

    This is the way how I fix my skin when it doesn’t show up, open up your launcher, log out your minecraft account, delete the data of your account from your launcher, close launcher. Then open the launcher again, login with your account, skin should show up. This actually works for me but I don’t know how about you.

    Skin changes take some time, if the way above doesn’t work, be patient.

    Hope this helps

    Deleting .minecraft was the problem here, but don’t delete the saves folder (Singleplayer maps are saved in there), or servers.dat(Multiplayer servers are saved here).

    How to delete your .minecraft folder:

    1. Go to your search bar, type %appdata% or %AppData%.
    2. Go to Roaming.
    3. Right click .minecraft.
    4. Click Copy and paste it anywhere else, desktop etc.
    5. Delete .minecraft Note: Only do that once you have a backup.
    6. When you start Minecraft, you need to login, do that and close the launcher.
    7. Go back to your .minecraft and move or copy the important files (servers.dat, options.txt, the saves folder, and the resourcepacks folder) to your new .minecraft folder.

    8. Start Minecraft again and make a profile with 1.9.

    This is what worked for me; it may be different for other people. Changing a skin can take a while, so don’t assume it will appear right away.

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