Why does the connection time out when connecting to a server?

My friend had hosted a Minecraft server before and brought it back up today with my help. He and anyone in his LAN can connect. However we have had a few people try to connect, including me, and when we try to connect it gives the message:

Failed to connect to the server

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    What does this exactly mean? How do we fix this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Why does the connection time out when connecting to a server?”

    Could be multiple reasons. But basically your game asked to be connected and never received a response.

    Usually you want to check :

    • Firewall settings
    • Router/modem settings (port redirection)
    • IP config of the minecraft server (he should listen from the IP of your PC or, not
    • Check you specify the right port in the connection box
    • That you use the correct IP address or server name (and that he does resolve correctly)
    • That your server has a working internet connection as well
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