Why does my Minecraft world keep freezing

My wife and I are playing Minecraft on the the Xbox 360, and it will randomly freeze. We have called Microsoft twice, and both times they have said that it “must be over heating.” We know that this isn’t the case because it doesn’t happen on Mass Effect or on Final Fantasy, and it will happen when the world loads. Are there any patches or updates that will help with this?

Note: it is the Xbox 360 disk.

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    Are you playing split screen? Or xbox Live? It freezes on split screen if more mobs spawn in a world then the limit, (this is a rare bug) You should try another world or delete your current world, if it still happens, its something to do with your internet, (sometimes my xbox freezes to on minecraft) does it happen rarely? Or commonly? I suggest making a new world, or cleaning your minecraft disc

    It freezes up on us constantly … just Minecraft on XBOX 360. We have to shut it down then restart … we lose everything from the last save point. Appears to be a Minecraft cache issue for those that build a lot. It is definitely a Minecraft coding bug.

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