Why do I get so many corrupt saves?

Almost every time I turn my XBox on and start up Fallout 4, I am unable to use the “Continue” option because the most recent save is corrupt.

I instead use the “Load” option. Here, I can see that the last save I manually performed is perfectly fine, and load it with no problem. However, there is an additional, corrupt save with the same time stamp immediately after it.

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  • This doesn’t happen quite every time, but often enough that I’m surprised when there’s no corrupt save waiting for me to delete it.

    I’ve tried a few things to solve this, including exiting to the game’s main menu before turning the XBox off, going out to the guide before turning the XBox off, turning it off immediately after saving, and waiting a while after saving.

    Why do I get all these corrupt saves? Do others have this problem? How do I fix it?

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