Why can't I move when I join a server?

Whenever I try to move from my spawn point I’m instantly pushed back to my spawn point. In the chat it says I must login to my account even though I’m already logged in. I even confirmed everything and secured my Mojang account. Please help!

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    This is not an error. You simply need to login to the server to make sure you are the one using your account. Every single time you join a server with this type of authentication you will need to enter into the chat:

    /login (password)

    Your password can be anything. If you are wondering, the message will not be displayed to any other people. It is stored as a hash and therefore owners of servers will not be able to see your password. Just to make sure, use a password you have never used before.

    If you would like to change your password, just unregister and register again.

    /unregister (password)

    Remember that /register can be used as /login. So if you are on a new server, you can save time by not typing three letters.

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