Which Pokémon can appear by hatching eggs?

I have different Pokémon eggs. One takes 10km to hatch, three take 5km, and the rest take 2km.

Which Pokémon can I get by hatching these eggs?

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    All first evolution stage pokemon except for legendaries can appear. This is spread throughout the eggs as follows:

    Chart of egg distributions

    You cannot get any further evolution stages of pokemon from an egg, nor can you get a legendary from an egg.

    These distances were minimum distances at the start, however, that appears to have been fixed


    • Bulbasaur
    • Charmander
    • Squirtle
    • Caterpie
    • Weedle
    • Pidgey
    • Rattata
    • Spearow
    • Zubat
    • Geodude
    • Magikarp
    • Cleffa
    • Igglybuff


    • Ekans
    • Sandshrew
    • Nidoran(f)
    • Nidoran(m)
    • Vulpix
    • Oddish
    • Paras
    • Venonat
    • Meowth
    • Psyduck
    • Mankey
    • Growlithe
    • Poliwag
    • Abra
    • Machop
    • Bellsprout
    • Tentacool
    • Ponyta
    • Slowpoke
    • Magnemite
    • Farfetch’d
    • Doduo
    • Seel
    • Grimer
    • Shellder
    • Gastly
    • Drowzee
    • Krabby
    • Voltorb
    • Exeggute
    • Cubone
    • Lickitung
    • Koffing
    • Rhyhorn
    • Tangela
    • Kangaskhan
    • Horsea
    • Goldeen
    • Staryu
    • Mr. Mime
    • Tauros
    • Porygon
    • Togepi
    • Pichu


    • Onix
    • Hitmonlee
    • Hitmonchan
    • Chansey
    • Scyther
    • Pinsir
    • Lapras
    • Eevee
    • Omanyte
    • Kabuto
    • Aerodactyl
    • Snorlax
    • Dratini
    • Magby
    • Smoochum
    • Elekid

    In conjunction to the other answers, it does appear that you can get 2km Pokémon from 5 or 10km eggs and 5km Pokémon from 10 km eggs. A number of people have stated that they have gotten lower tier Pokémon from higher tier eggs. Here are a few such examples.

    • A Mr. Mime from a 10 km egg. (1, 2, 3, 4)
    • A Pikachu from a 5 km egg. (1)
    • A Magikarp from a 5 km egg. (1)
    • A Magikarp from a 10 km egg. (1)
    • A Bulbasuar from a 10 km egg. (1)
    • A Zubat from a 5 km egg. (1, 2)
    • A Weedle from a 10 km egg. (1)
    • A Charmander from a 5 km egg. (1)
    • A Nidoran from a 10 km egg. (1)

    Given that so many people have reported this happening, it appears that there are tiers of Pokémon from eggs, however lower tier Pokémon can be hatched from higher tier eggs.

    This picture here depicts these tiers.

    As of the Generation II release, the egg tiers have been changed up quite a bit.

    A full list can be seen on this site.

    Someone converted this chart to image format here:

    visual of egg tiers (sorry no pictures :( )

    Notable Gen I Pokémon Egg tier changes:

    From 5km to 2km:

    • Abra
    • Bellsprout
    • Diglett
    • Ekans
    • Exeggcute
    • Gastly
    • Goldeen
    • Krabby
    • Machop
    • Nidoran F/M
    • Oddish
    • Slowpoke
    • Venonat

    From 10km to 5km:

    • Elekid*
    • Kabuto
    • Lickitung
    • Magby*
    • Omanyte
    • Onix
    • Pinsir
    • Porygon
    • Scyther
    • Smoochum*
    • Tangela
    • Tyrogue*

    *These are Gen II pre-evolutions that replaced their parents in the egg pools but also switched tiers

    From what I’ve seen so far, there doesn’t appear to be any strict limits on which Pokemon can appear in varying distance eggs. For example, I’ve gotten a Weedle in both 2.0 and 10.0 kilometer eggs.

    However, I seem to get less common Pokemon from the longer distance eggs.

    All unevolved Pokemon, apart from Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew, and Mewtwo can be hatched from eggs. Pokemon that evolve from baby pokemon, like Jynx, can also be hatched from eggs. 5 km eggs will give you a huge variety of Pokemon. For example, the only way you get Nidoran female and Pikachu from eggs is 5km. Here is a rather terrible list:
    2km: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Rattata, Zubat, Pidgey, Magikarp, Weedle, Caterpie, Cleffa, and Iglybuff
    10km: Jynx, Pinsir, Onix, Pichu, Smoochum, Electabuzz, Magby, Magmar, Elekid, Schyther, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Snorlax, Lapras, Kabuto, Omanyte, Chansey and Dratini
    5km: Everybody else that can hatch from eggs.
    I am unsure about Tauros, Farfetch’d, Mr. Mime, and Kangaskan, but I’m pretty sure they hatch from 5km eggs.
    Some pokemon are harder to get from eggs than others, even if they hatch from the same type of egg. For example, Grimer and Ekans both hatch from 5km eggs, but Grimer is rarer(Ive hatched 2 Grimers and countless Ekanses). So don’t expect 2 Cleffas and an Iglybuff from 3 2km eggs, expect 1 Weedle and 2 Zubats instead.
    Hope this can help.
    EDIT: Looking at the other answers, I should say that I have seen a Spearow hatch from 2 km eggs and 5 km eggs and seen a Porygon hatch from a 10 km egg.

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