Where does Rei's Minimap store your waypoints?

In what file does Rei’s Minimap store its waypoint data?

I recently updated a server’s modpack (from FTB Beta to Direwolf20’s pack) and the waypoints disappeared in the process. I’ve combed through the folders of the backup from before I did the update and I can’t find anything that looks remotely like storage for the waypoints. My objective is to, if possible, import everyone’s waypoint data into the updated server setup.

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    First off, they’re stored client-side, so you can’t restore players’ waypoints on your side. They’re in mods/rei_minimap in the minecraft folder. You should have a bunch of .points files in there.

    Each file stores the waypoints for a single dimension in a world. Multiplayer waypoints are stored by server address, so if your server is on a consumer machine with a dynamic IP address, you should set up a hostname for it so players don’t keep losing their waypoints.

    They are stored in the .minecraft\mods\rei_minimap using the .points extension, with a separate file for each map/server and dimension (including Mystcraft ones).

    The format is [Map/save].DIM[#].points

    1.7.10, I found the reiminimap details stored in the config/rei_minimap directory.

    But it always used New World.DIM0.points for every world I created.

    I found that if you have a unique savename for the world, (go back and rename it if youve just used default New World).

    BUT you must add a directory of the same name to the config/rei_minimap directory.

    EXAMPLE: My Saved World is called “MYTEST World”
    You need to add this as a directory and get the config/rei_minimap/MYTEST World directory.

    Mininmap does not seem to add any files to it thou, it still creates the points file in the config/rei_minimap directory in this case it created “MYTEST World.DIM0.points”

    Hope this is the case for anyone else.

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