Where can I report SC2 bugs to Blizzard? (also, check out this wild creep glitch)

Took this with my phone hence it’s not pixel accurate like a screen shot would be but you can see what I was seeing, I had been watching a Replay and switched my Textures graphics level then went and joined a 2v2 only to find my creep was looking kind of interesting… what the heck? Next game it went away, strange though! Is there any where I can report bugs? Anyone ever had this?

EDIT: Also can anyone tell me where in the game they’ve seen this texture used possibly? My brother thought it might be the Protoss warp prism field or something.

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    You can use the bug report forums: US forum, EU forum.

    I have not seen that particular bug, but it is a common enough type of glitch. Basically one texture is replaced for another. I have seen it happen in several games, often when playing on an older machine, a PC with a weaker graphics card, or when overloading a processor with lots of alt-tabbing etc. I am not sure if this happens due to some memory getting mixed up, the graphics card getting overworked, or due to a genuine bug in the program.

    You can see similar examples in the post Glitchstravaganza at WoW.com. For example here is the WoW selection screen with messed-up textures:

    Glitch image

    As for the question of where that texture is from, I remember seeing it in one of the multiplayer maps. I forget which one, but if you have burning curiosity, you can play around in the map editor.

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