Where can I find items with +int in Fallout 4?

I’m looking for the lab coat with +2 int and glasses with +2 int -1 cha. Where can I find those?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Where can I find items with +int in Fallout 4?”

    I found out that you can get a +2 int lab coat from the quest “The Dissappearing Act”. It’s on the body of one of the doctor at the end. You get the quest by picking up the case file in Nick Valentine’s office.

    As mentioned by z ‘ you get get +1 int from pipers cap. You can take it from her inventory without stealing if she is your companion.

    I don’t yet know if there is any specific place you can get glasses with +int.

    Apart from that there seems to be lots of +int gear on random drops as mentioned by several users (Ben Schism kalina).

    I picked up a lab coat and glasses from the Becky Fallon, the clothing trader in Diamond City.

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