Where can I find Dogmeat after dismissing him to Sanctuary Hills?

I recently dismissed Dogmeat in favor of Codsworth, and I’m fairly sure I sent him to Sanctuary Hills. However, I’ve had a fairly detailed look around the place and I haven’t found him yet. Does anyone know where he is?

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    He can spawn back at gas station where you first found him, or at one of the dog houses in Sanctuary.

    If you scrapped the dog house that was there, I would go look at the gas station you first found him at.

    Also, if you cannot find him at all, use the following (on PC):

    1. Open the Console by pressing ` (same as ~ on US keyboards)
    2. Type: player.moveto 1d162
    3. Press: ENTER

    This will teleport you to Dogmeat’s location, allowing you to retrieve him and move the doghouse he went to.

    If the dog still doesn’t appear, make sure it isn’t on the roof. If it is, build stairs to the roof.

    You can normally find him at the Red Rocket Gas Station or in a Dog House at Sanctuary. But the dog house is located behind the yellow house with dog bowls in front of it.

    If you have another companion you have to dismiss them before he spawns at red rocket where you found him first of all

    I was never able to get DogMeat to reappear until a Main Story quest where he is used. I had searched all of Sanctuary and Red Rocket.

    Sidenote: It’s funny (Kereng) you mention looking on the roof. I returned from a mission to begin sorting my ‘junk’ and I kept hearing the sound of the Brahmin like it was inside the house. Turns out, it was on the roof.

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