Where can I find chests in Woodland Mansions, and what can I find in them?

I noticed, while playing my survival world in Minecraft snapshots, when exploring a Woodland Mansion, that some rooms had chests, especially the secret rooms (without entrances) I found.

Which rooms contain chests and what can I find in them? And a side question: Can I find any other valuable items inside?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Where can I find chests in Woodland Mansions, and what can I find in them?”

    Here is a list of where can you find chests (with loot), and what you can find in them. I included links to screenshots:

    • Sapling room. A normally accessible room with a bunch of dark oak saplings stacked in rows on the walls, and with a chest inside. And the chest contains… (drumroll) 25-30 dark oak saplings!

    • Tree chopping room. A room sealed off from the hallway with a wall, leaving a empty indent in the hall. Contains a chest with an iron axe with efficiency 1.

    • Wood archway room. A normally accessible room with a loot chest inside.

    • Curved stairway room. A room with a staircase leading from a hallway to a dead end, where is a loot chest.

    • Bedroom with loft. An interesting two-tiered bedroom, containing a sort of closet made of birch wood. A ladder near the entrance leads above to a loft with a loot chest.

    • Arena. A room with an arena/stage surrounded with dark oak fences in the center. A ladder leads up to an overhead loft with a loot chest.

    • Gray banner room. An altar-like room with a cobblestone construction in the middle. Behind the construction is a loot chest.

    • X room, Clean chest room, Fake End portal room. Secret rooms with no entrances and a loot chest.

    • Roof-chest room. An empty, secret room with a small attic-like space above it containing two loot chests.

    All the loot chests have the same item generation rules – each chest contains 3 groups of 1–3, 1–4, and 3 item stacks. These items can spawn inside, ordered by frequency:

    • Rotten flesh, sting, bone, gunpowder (3-4 per chest, chance of 58% to get them from a single chest)

    • Wheat, bread (0.5 – 1 per chest, chance 35%)

    • Name tag (0.3 items per chest, chance 29%)

    • Coal, redstone (0.75 per chest, chance 27%)

    • Music disk 13, Cat, Golden apple, Diamond hoe (0.25 per chest, chance 22%)

    • Beetroot, pumpkin, melon seeds (0.6 per chest, chance 19%)

    • Iron ingot (0.5 per chest, chance 19%)

    • Bucket (0.2 per chest, chance 19%)

    • Enchanted book, Chainmail chestplate (0.15 per chest, chance 15%)

    • Gold ingot (0.25 per chest, chance 10%)

    • Diamond chestplate (0.08 per chest, chance 8%)

    • Enchanted golden apple (0.03 per chest, chance 3%)

    The items where the number of items per chest times 100 equals the chance to obtain, will spawn in a maximum of one item per chest. In average, you will find 5 – 10 chests per Woodland Masnion.

    For more informaion about rooms in woodland mansions, check out these links: A list of all rooms, or the Minecraft wiki article about Mansions.

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