Where are my model ships?

I’ve been exploring the Normandy SR2, and I’ve been finding boxes squirreled away containing the model ships I purchased in Mass Effect 2.

Where does each model ship end up (assuming you purchase it in ME2)? I’m having trouble finding the Destiny Ascension, but I think a full list would be good to have regardless.

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    I’m not sure if I had all of them in ME2, and thus I don’t know if they are all there for me to find in ME3, but here are the collectibles I found on the Normandy:

    • Alliance Shuttle – CIC: between War Room and Galaxy Map
    • Destiny Ascension – Crew Deck: Life Support
    • Turian Cruiser – Engineering: Subdeck Stairwell
    • Space Hamster – Engineering: Subdeck Stairwell
    • Shadowbroker – Engineering: Subdeck Stairwell
    • Sovereign – Engineering: Subdeck Stairwell
    • Freighter – Shuttle Bay
    • Quarian – Shuttle Bay
    • Alliance Cruiser – Shuttle Bay
    • Geth Cruiser – Shuttle Bay
    • Normandy – Shuttle Bay

    That’s the master list of what I’ve found so far, but I also broke it up down below with maps.

    Also of note is that the model for the Alliance Kodiak was for sale in my game from Kassa Fabrication shop (accessible at 10% markup from the terminal in the Shuttle Bay). I am not sure if that’s the only location for it, or if that’s simply where you buy any models that you didn’t have from your imported save.

    Combat Information Center

    • Alliance Shuttle – Between War Room and Galaxy Map

    enter image description here

    Crew Deck

    • Destiny Ascension – Life Support

    enter image description here


    • Turian Cruiser – Subdeck Stairwell
    • Space Hamster – Subdeck Stairwell, runs across floor, sometimes hides
    • Shadowbroker – Subdeck Stairwell
    • Sovereign – Subdeck Stairwell

    enter image description here

    Shuttle Bay

    • Freighter
    • Quarian
    • Alliance Cruiser
    • Geth Cruiser
    • Normandy

    enter image description here

    The Destiny Ascension is in the room that was Thanes in ME2.

    In addition to the ones above – i also found a Normady Model in the Shuttle Bay

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