What skills don't reset Sharpshooter?

I know that Vault (Trail of Cinders) does not reset Sharpshooter, so after a while it always crits.
Are there other skills that don’t reset Sharpshooter?

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    Currently in 1.04 the bat and sentry do not reset the sharpshooter bonus but do benefit from it.
    I think dots like jagged spikes and trial of cinders were hotfixed not to make use of the sharpshooter bonus.
    In 1.05 these mechanics will change: pets and sentries will not be able to crit anymore 🙁

    Caltrops#Jagged Spikes certainly does not reset Sharpshooter, and certainly does benefit from it. This is the primary killing skill my DH uses, and I’ve re-tested it with every patch. It still works.

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