What settings need to be configured on my firewall/router to support XBOX Live connections?

What network and firewall settings are required to connect to XBOX Live through my home network?

I had everything set up correctly and working but had to reset my router after a firmware upgrade and lost all my settings.

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  • Oh, and I also need the settings to enable it to work as a Media extender.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “What settings need to be configured on my firewall/router to support XBOX Live connections?”

    Make sure the following ports are open to the XBOX. According to the support site these are the ports used by XBOX Live

    • TCP 80
    • UDP 88
    • UDP 3074
    • TCP 3074
    • UDP 53
    • TCP 53

    For Media Extender you need:

    • UDP 3776
    • TCP 3390
    • UPnP Framework
    • Media Center (on your PC) usually found at c:\windows\ehome\ehshell.exe

    I don’t know precisely what settings are necessary on UPnP and Media Center, but you can refer here for more settings (on XP)

    You may also need “a minimum MTU setting of 1364” on your router.

    My connection would only work intermittently without this.

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