What is the logic behind the timer of the Sojourner Badge?

Does the 24 hours timer start:

  • when you hack a portal on a particular day


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    • does it use the calendar days and check if you did hack a portal on a
      particular day


    • does it simply use a fixed international timezone to calculate the 24
      hour cycle


    • does it use the agent’s hacking cell’s timezone to start it?

    If it’s the calendar days method than the explanation of the badge would be a little bit misguided because you could hack a portal on 00:01 on Saturday and then hack another one on 23:59 on Sunday and it would be practically two days between two hacks.

    If it’s based on the agent’s last hack for a particular day then the explanation still would be problematic?

    The third option would be a little bit unfair (or timezone racist) for the rest of the world.

    The last option (the cell’s timezone) would/could be both unfair for travellers and/or non-travellers.

    Does anyone know any details about it?

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    NIA has issued an explanation yesterday on the inner workings of the Sojourner Badge.

    Greetings Agents, there have been some questions on how the Sojourner
    medal works, so we decided to create a quick overview:

    • The medal tracks the longest streak of consecutive 24 hour periods in which you have hacked a Portal.

    • To keep this streak active, you must hack at least one Portal every 24 hours. If you hack at 10:00 AM one day, then you’ll need to do a
      hack by 10:00 AM the next day to keep the streak alive.

    • The 24 hour counter starts over every time you hack a Portal. If you hack at 10:00 AM, then again at 3:00 PM, you have until 3:00 PM the
      following day to hack again.

    • You may hack any Portal – it does not have to be the same Portal every time.

    • The stat shown as ‘Consecutive Days Hacking’ reflects your longest streak, not necessarily your current count (unless they are the same)

    Just to rephrase Niantic’s official statement: this badge is like a rocket in time. It’s petrol tank can only last for 24h, every hack you do fills it up completely. If you don’t fill up for more than 24h the rocket crashes, and you have to restart again. The badge counter displays the longest distance in days your rocket has ever travelled.

    The text of badge is not very clear, but to be sure of keeping the number growing you should ensure the time between two hacks is never longer than 24h.

    This way, whatever the exact time in the day is the limit between 24h periods, you are ok.

    If you are on holiday and need 1h walk to go to the nearest portal, make sure you go there each day earlier than previous one. You may have to do the trip twice in a day once in a while.

    If it was limited to 24 hours, you would have to hack portals before the time limit, and you would incur drift back towards the original time. 24 hours leeway would account for this, but, if applied every day would allow drift in the other direction. So, it seems that a 24 hour timer would start the first day, with a check to make sure you didn’t accumulate the spare 24 hours while you waited.

    Basically, you should get 48 hours to make the hack, but not on more than one consecutive day.

    Otherwise, you would hack at 10pm the first day, 9pm the second day to make sure you weren’t late, then drift back 24 hours in 24 days till you had to hack twice to catch up, which is more than the badge requires.

    Hopefully someone not half asleep can make sense of that for me 🙂

    I have discovered that although I may miss the 24 hour mark… sometimes when logging in it would say the “you’ve been gone for 30 hours… I miss you… etc..” and after hacking it continues to count… I expect, due to time zones they either provide padding to encourage people, or there is a bug where they just ensure there is only 1 day apart and don’t take hours into account. I’m certainly not complaining! Because what about the person who Hacks in America, then flies around the world to Australia, and hacks there, I guess it’s just server time, but still can get confusing. And I would think it’s better for them to encourage people to continue playing.

    (This answer is a duplicate of this one, after a discussion on meta)

    Given my observations, it’s your first bullet point: when you hack a portal on a particular day.

    I know, this contradicts the official answer from NIA as cited in the top-voted answer, but this has been tested IRL.

    Observations: I have, on two occasions, made a hack on Friday afternoon at 3-4pm, and the next hack on Saturday evening at 8-9pm. In both cases, I’ve kept my current hacking streak alive.

    My theory: The interval you need to hack in depends on when you made your first hack in the current streak (and not your latest hack, as NIA states). For me, my first hack in this streak was at 6 am. This means that I had to make a hack between Friday 6 am – Saturday 5.59 am, and the next one between Saturday 6am – Sunday 5.59 am. As long as I make at least one hack during each period, I will keep the hacking streak alive. The fact that the particular Friday hacks were at 3-4 pm is irrelevant, they could have been made at 7 am or 2 pm as well.

    This theory also fits with the experience people here and IRL have had, that the time their current hacking streak increases (or Sojourner badge is awarded) is different for everyone. For me, this happens early in the morning, likely at around 6 am.

    I believe it works more or less like this :
    you start a streak with the first hack lats say on 1 jan 13:00 , your first block is till 2 jan 13:00, so your next 24 hour block is from 2 jan 13:00 til 3 jan 13:00 in this block you have to hack a portal to keep the streak active , and so on

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