What is the fastest way to travel long distances in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, I have pretty much emptied the places around my home of resources and thus I need to travel a lot to other mines. I would like to know a fast way to do so. I have tried minecarts on rails (take up a lot of iron, and aren’t really that fast), boats and more. I guess I should build some sort of construction.

What is the fastest mean of transport you can make in Minecraft (something which is still worth the effort to build, of course)?

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    Well, the fastest form of transportation is by minecart, and within The Nether you travel at a 8:1 ratio as in the overworld, so my answer would be traveling via minecart in The Nether.

    (Even walking in The Nether is faster than any overworld transportation – minecarts top out at 8m/s, and you certainly walk faster than 1m/s.)

    As Kevin says, use The Nether. The only problem is that it’s often dangerous.

    As for “the fastest way to travel long distances”, the objective answer is: Teleboaters. Minecarts come a distant second. As for construction, tracks cost 1 iron per 2.7 squares of travel, not counting boosters. Teleboats cost 1 log per ~3 squares of travel. But boats are hard to carry and look terrible.

    (Fun fact: the truly fastest mode of transport involves a giant stack of simultaneously-triggered TNT.)

    With the introduction to horses, riding a horse through the Nether is currently the fastest method of travel. It is also more versatile, can traverse raw terrain easier, and is not limited to tracks.

    If you want to explore a completely new area, bring along 10 obsidian + flint & steel, travel by horse for a few minutes in the Nether, plop down an exit portal and you have a fresh, brand new area.

    I just read about a great way to go very fast with no risk:

    1) Make a line of ice 2x(however long), along the ground.

    2) Line cobblestone along the sides like bumpers.

    3) Put trapdoors over the ice. (Hint: attach them to the cobblestone.)

    4) Put Glass directly two blocks over the ice.

    Try it out! Open the first trapdoor, and stand in the track (on the ice). Close the trapdoor, then sprint down the track, jumping even though there is glass over your head. This should make you go twice as fast as a minecart.

    Hope this helps!

    A combination of force-field cart jumping and the nether would do the trick.

    • t = traveling time in seconds
    • d = view distance. What is it? Let’s assume it is around 80 blocks so you can easily aim the cart.
    • m = clicks per second. I can do around 7.5
    • n = nether distance factor. It is 8

    The distance you can travel equals

    tdm*n = 80*7.5*8 = 4800t

    which means that you can travel 4800 blocks each second.

    Update: As noted below in the comment, the force-field jumping bug is fixed for quite some time now. This approach won’t work anymore.

    I suggest Sky bridges if you are traveling across continents/water. Single track with torches to keep mobs from spawning.

    The answer is nether if you’re playing single player.
    Rails and minecarts if you’re resource rich
    Cobblestone and torches across the sky if your cheap. A little difficult to lay but if you hold the SHIFT key, you cant fall so it makes it easy to lay that way.

    My favourite is a sky-bridge, either for walking on or via mine carts. It only needs to be one block wide, and bypasses any obstacles. You just make a branch off when you reach your destination, and a mine cart station if you need to.

    For some reason, there is still no proper table about max speed, so I made one myself. Please add any more information you have, either in the comments or via eochgls@web.de.

    Maybe someone can migrate this to the english minecraft wiki.

    Survival mode travelling, ordered by speed

    100 blocks

    Respawning / End portal Instant Instant No Inventory

    Ender pearl TNT** (demo)No TNT

    Horizontal TNT bump ? ? No Immense

    Collision bump (demo) ? (0-2) ? (50-x) No Cows

    Elytra, 52° downwards 1.48 sec 67.50 Yes Elytra wiki

    Boat on ice 3.48 s*** 28.78*** Yes Silk T.YT

    Ender pearl, 1 per sec ~4.3 sec ~23 Yes Pearls YT

    Boat row, 20 clicks/sec 4.76 sec 21.03 No Wood YT

    2 block high, ice & trap
    doors (demo)
    4.97 sec
    Silk T.
    & wood

    Horse*, sprint, speed II5.02 sec 19.92 Yes PotionsYT

    Boat row (demo) 6.64 sec 15.06 No Wood YT

    Horse*, sprinting 7.06 sec 14.17 Yes YT

    Minecart 12.50 sec 8.00 Yes Iron YT

    Boat on water 12.50 sec 8.00 Yes Boat wiki

    Pig & carrot on a stick 12.50 sec 8.00 Yes Carrotswiki

    Running, sprint, speedII12.80 sec 7.81 Yes PotionsYT

    Running, sprint, jumping14.17 sec 7.06 Yes YT


    • Times were measured @ Vers. 1.10 (2016 July)
    • Accuracy: ~0.03 sec
    • As noted – if travelling in the nether, the overworld speed can be multiplied by 8
    • Measured ender pearl travel speed equals the wiki entry. Throwing them up 45° in the air will give the longest teleportation distance, however the fastest way is using them one after another, in a way once the cooldown has finished (1 pearl / sec)
    • Sprinting or drinking speed potions does not affect boat travelling speed
    • * The horse was summoned with attribute movementSpeed: Base:0.3375 which is the maximum horse speed available, afaik.

    • ** Bumping a thrown ender pearl with TNT can get you thousands of blocks in just a few seconds. However, if the chunks on its route are not loaded, it is rather useless. Only interesting on an intensely populated server.

    • *** Boat on ice: Wiki says 40 b/s which does not match the reference video in this table

      (edit: maybe it needs some time to accelerate and actually is 40 b/s)

    The way I use is to have a roof above me, walls on the sides, and a trapdoor on ice. You can check out a video here —>

    Put boat on nettherack in nether close to a lava lake and jump in.

    Throw fire resist splash potion over yourself and the boat. Boats are affected by potions.

    Now sail over the lava.

    PS: Be carefull of underlava hills stopping and breaking your boat…


    /effect @p 1 255 255.

    It gives you the speed buff for 255 seconds. Try it in the nether.

    My method is the following

    1. Place rail so it faces sideways in front of you.
    2. Count the rail as one space. Add 4 spaces in front of rail.
    3. Place rail on the 4th space & repeat steps 1-2 until the rail reaches your destination.
    4. Place minecarts on rails.
    5. Now go to first minecart and hop on it.
    6. Look at the bottom of next minecart in front.

    now hold right click in this position until you reach your destination.

    You should travel at about 25 blocks per second.

    Horse. And the cool thing about horses is you can put chests on them so their like a portable chest.

    With the Nether, short distances (in the Nether) translate to much larger distances in the overworld, so if you have enough materials to construct two portals, just build one, move a large distance in the Nether, and build another portal.

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