What is the effect of armor rating on received damage?

Each armor piece has a certain armor rating, I get that higher values are better, but what does the armor rating affect exactly?

By how much does a higher armor rating reduce damage? And I assume that only works against physical damage, and does not affect magic at all?

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    If Tom Wijsman’s formula is correct, hp can be factored out of the formula. Also, there’s a 12/100 factor I saw from uesp.

    resulting damage = damage * (1 - armorfactor)
    armorfactor = 0.12 * (hidden armor + displayed armor) / 100
    hidden armor = 100

    Which gives these values.

    50 armor -> 18% reduction -> 82% damage taken
    150 armor -> 30% reduction -> 70% damage taken
    317 armor -> 50% reduction -> 50% damage taken
    442 armor -> 65% reduction -> 35% damage taken
    567 armor -> 80% reduction -> 20% damage taken

    The hidden armor in the formula is when wearing four pieces of armor (chest, head, hand, legs). If you are wearing robes or hood, or are missing feet or hands, then hidden armor is less than 100 and you get less reduction. This reduction in reduction is not reflected in the displayed armor rating.

    Finally, damage reduction is capped 80%, so 567 is the maximum displayed armor rating that is useful when wearing four pieces of armor. 667 is the maximum displayed armor rating that is useful when wearing 0 pieces of armor.

    It’s rumored that the formula is like:

    resulting damage = damage / (hp + (hp * armor / 100)) * hp

    In which way 100 damage to 100 HP and 50 Armor results in 66.66 damage.
    This is similar to like it was back in Morrowind…

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