What is Realms and why does it keep telling me “No available servers”?

How do I visit worlds on the 0.7.1 version of Minecraft PE?

I signed up for Realms and so did my friend and I want her to visit my world there but it says there is no available servers. What is Realms anyway – is it the new way to connect servers? Do we need to be on the same wifi system anymore?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “What is Realms and why does it keep telling me “No available servers”?”

    The answers are mostly in the screen that the Realms button shows you (emphasis mine):

    Welcome to Minecraft Realms Beta!
    We’re still testing out features, but
    eventually Realms will let up to 10 Pocket
    Edition users play together online
    . It’s
    currently free, and limited to a set
    amount of servers

    So Realms is a way of playing multiplayer with other players over the Internet – using a Realms server, you don’t need to be on the same wifi network. To make that work, Mojang has to run servers, but since this is in beta now, there are a limited number of servers. When it says “No available servers”, that’s PE telling you that all of the Realms Beta servers are already being used by other PE players.

    The way you join a local multiplayer world has changed, but you can still play multiplayer on local wifi. That’s good, because Realms will be for-pay once it’s out of beta.

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