What happened to the Female Krogan?

I just finished Priority: Tuchanka where we were distributing the Genophage cure and Eve died at the end. I had Morden trick the Krogans and the Genophage won’t be cured. Morden is alive.
Why did Eve die?

So…how the heck does this character die? I never saw anything to indicate she was wounded, except she was in the caravan when a ship crashed into it on Tuchanka. Other players have indicated she doesn’t usually die.

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    Eve’s death is related to whether you destroyed the data in Mass Effect 2. If the data was destroyed (or not discovered at all, via not having performed Mordin’s Loyalty mission in ME2 at all), then Mordin has insufficient information to keep Eve alive – she succumbs to her weakened immune system.

    If Mordin has the data from ME2, then he is able to use this data to save Eve and keep her alive.

    Incidentally, you can only successfully keep Mordin alive if Eve dies. If she lives, she will prevent you from successfully convincing Mordin to sabotage the cure.

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