What gameplay effects change in multiplayer?

So I know loot is allegedly better in co-op play and enemies are tougher. But I’ve noticed certain other things change gameplay-wise. Most noticeably, in co-op play I can Phaselock an Ion Loader through their sphere shield; in single player Phaselock doesn’t affect Loaders behind the shield.

Are there other changes to gameplay mechanics beyond the simple things like money/ammo/xp/eridium sharing and difficulty?

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    I haven’t noticed that change – phaselock can pull an enemy (including the ION loader) from behind the shield if you target an enemy just outside it, but it still can’t target the enemy inside it.

    With each additional player:

    • Enemies become tougher.
    • Rare (purple, fuschia and orange) loot drops become more likely.

    The following items become communal – one gets it you all do:

    • XP
    • Money drops
    • Ammo (you can now pick up ammo that you’ve maxed out on)
    • Eridium
    • Seraph crystals

    Loot drops go to whoever picks them up first, as does quest related loot.

    Also several items have effects dependent on the number of players equipping them, and many abilities are communal.

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