What does this star symbol mean in Pokemon X Pokedex

What initially caught my eye about this Pancham is that he was brown instead of black like other Panchams. I figured there must be a reason so I caught him but I’m not sure what’s different about him. He also has a red star symbol that none of me other Pokemon have. Is this a “Shiny”?

enter image description here

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    Based on this video

    Yep, that’s a shiny! Congratulations, they’re incredibly rare!

    The red star means it’s a shiny.

    That mark has been carried forward from Black/White/Black 2 and White 2. I can confirm, as for these games I:

    • Pokétransferred a shiny from Diamond and
    • Caught shiny Haxorus, Gibble, Dratini.

    Another way to tell, the Pokédex number on the summary turns red, further confirming it’s a shiny Pokémon.

    Since I haven’t seen any shiny so far in my Y game, and the picture the OP has uploaded doesn’t show it, I can’t tell if the Pokédex number shown on the summary also changes its color (if you’re looking at a shiny Pokémon in this generation).

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