What constitutes a house for villagers?

I was trying to create a small village in Minecraft. As I am in Single Player and wanted some neighbours, I spawned a few NPC villagers using spawn eggs.

Even though they are good neighbours (they don’t play the music too loud and don’t argue with their wives), they won’t spend the night in any of the houses I built.

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  • Buildings are very basic structures made of wooden planks with a wooden door (I read on the Wiki it was the door that made the house for NPCs). Am I missing something? How can I decide my NPCs to live in the houses I made? Do I need to build a real estate agency (;-D)?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “What constitutes a house for villagers?”

    You are using version 1.1, and new villager behaviour, including populating player-built houses, is not implemented until the 12w07a snapshot. This will be included in the 1.2 release.

    If you are running a new enough version, a house is a structure:

    • made of planks, with walls, floor and ceiling.
    • with a door.
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