What are the “Željezo se kuje dok je vruce. Cega nema, ne mose se ni uzeti” in the Payday 2 achievements for?

These achievements just popped up in Payday 2. NO clue what language they’re in, nor why they don’t obviously look English like.
enter image description here
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What are these achievements for?

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    It’s Croatian.

    “Cega nema, ne mose se ni uzeti” is a Croatian proverb. It means, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

    “Željezo se kuje dok je vruće” means, “Forge (or Strike) while the iron is hot.”

    As for the reason behind the achievements, the only ones who know that at the moment are the developers themselves. I’ve asked them about it, and will update should I get a response.

    They’ve done this several times before. They add new achievements with silly names for testing, then later the achievements are renamed and publically released.

    So, the achievements cannot currently be earned, but will likely be obtainable in the near future.

    They’re all achievements for the next upcoming heist which will either be the new bomb heist from the butcher, or the golden grin casino. The fact that the translation is Croatian and that the achievements translate to “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” probably means we’re getting the bomb heist, since Lion Game Lion is new to creating heists and is based in Croatia. We don’t know what the achievements will be for exactly just yet, but they will almost certainly correlate to one of the new heist maps.

    These were revealed as the achievements for the new “The Bomb” heist released by Overkill for Payday 2:

    enter image description here

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