What are the ranges of each skill?

A number of skills seem to have a max range which is never explicitly mentioned in the skill. For example, when I cast Spirit Barrage, it will try to find a target near where I cast it, but will eventually stop if the target is too far away. Or I will cast Acid Cloud at the edge of my screen, and it will appear closer to me than where I clicked.

When comparing the effectiveness of different skills, it would be very useful to know what the different ranges are. Has anyone done the science to determine them? Even a general “Short”, “Medium”, “Long” would be helpful.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “What are the ranges of each skill?”

    Kudos again to the folks at diablo.incgamers.com for this information. The results below are measured using in-game “yards”. See this article for the details on how they did the measuring and an idea of what these distances look like on screen. Note that these are based on beta, so if people see things that have changed (like Dire Bats being fixed), please update the values.

    Maximum Distance/Range for Skills

    A range of values is listed for a
    few skills due to them being random. Also, distances for skills that
    don’t touch the ground (& go past the left/right edge of the screen)
    have their perspective affected by their casting elevation. I’m not
    sure how to adjust the perceived distance to compensate, so their
    actual range will be less than the observed distance listed. The
    skills that are affected are marked with an “*”. Also, some skills
    were harder than others to judge so there’s no guarantee it’s error


    8 – Cleave (12 area effect)

    10 – Bash

    10 – Frenzy

    11 – Revenge

    12 – Rend

    16 – Hammer of the Ancients (6 radius centered 10 yards in front
    of the barb)

    50 – Seismic Slam (possibly random)

    50 – Leap

    70* – Ancient Spear

    Demon Hunter

    80* – Chakram (with a 3 radius)

    80-90* – Rapid Fire (average due to being random)

    85* – Bola Shot

    86* – Impale

    90* – Entangling Shot

    100* – plain arrow

    120-130* – Hungering Arrow (kind of> guessed here since it goes off screen)


    9 – Fists of Thunder (no rune, first 2 hits): third hit is 14

    10 – Crippling Wave

    10 – Lashing Tail Kick

    16 – Deadly Reach

    27 – Wave of Light (initial area effect has radius of 16 centered 11
    yards out from the monk)

    28 – Fists of Thunder (with Thunderclap rune,teleport range); only 14 if not targeting

    50 – Dashing Strike (only when cursor is close to a target, otherwise 10)

    Witch Doctor

    30-50 – Plague of Toads (average due to being random)

    30 – Firebats (no rune)

    50 – Corpse Spiders (with random radius somewhere around 15 max)

    60 – Grasp of the Dead (with 14 radius)

    70* – Firebats (Direbats rune) : not the listed 40 (It’s been posted on the official
    bug forum already.)

    78* – Haunt (but when cursor is close to a target, it reaches all the way to the top corners)

    100* – Poison Dart


    14 – Spectral Blades (only 10 if not targeting)

    20 – Frost Nova

    20-30 – Shock Pulse (average due to being random)

    26 – Wave of Force

    50 – Arcane Torrent (with random radius about 8 yards, radius of 4

    50 – Energy Twister (average due to being random) (with 8-10 radius)

    55 – Ray of Frost

    86* – Magic Missile

    88* – plain wand missile

    94* – Arcane Orb

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