What are the movement speed effects of walking & running with or without weapon drawn and heavy or light or no armor?

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim what are the various factors affecting movement speed? And to what degree?

Note: Without cheating. And I’m on the Xbox 360, so no hacking.

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  • Various factors I can think of are:

    • walking vs running vs sneaking
    • weapon or spells: drawn vs holstered
      • and type of weapon or spell (specifically two-handed vs single-hand vs dagger vs fists)
    • armor: heavy vs light vs none
      • also what % of body covered effects this (specifically just what you wear on your feet vs full body)
    • direction of travel: forwards vs backwards

    I’m also interested in some of the combinations of this, especially:

    • walking with weapon or spell drawn vs holstered
    • running with weapon or spell drawn vs holstered

    When I run, I always put my weapon away because I think I run faster, but it might just be the change in the field of view. I also have the perk where healing restores stamina, so I run, equip healing spell, cast spell, sheath spells and repeat. It’s a little tedious to always ready and relax my spells. I’d rather run with the spells equipped and just pull the cast trigger. I’ll endure it until I believe it doesn’t help. 🙂

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “What are the movement speed effects of walking & running with or without weapon drawn and heavy or light or no armor?”

    I think the best movement speed I have come across personally is

    1. Wearing light Armour (can use more stamina that way and i think is generally a bit faster)
    2. Having my bow or two weapons out (only if in sneak mode)
    3. In sneak and rolling, (With weapons out, can roll continually until stamina depletes)

    I generally believe rolling in sneak mode does go faster than running, I seem to travel faster, whether you want to try those combinations out,

    And then maybe, instead of light Armour, try mage clothes, no Armour, but some what lighter,
    I think the best way for you is to create a route to go, like from one city to the next, once through rolling, and then through running, leaving on the hour and seeing how long it takes you, see which is faster.

    Its worth a try

    Hope all this helps


    Clothing is much faster than any armor. Weapons sheathed makes you run faster, and sneak rolling is actually slower than sprinting in light armor. I’m not sure about heavy armor, but I believe rolling is always the same speed. I believe carry weight has a small effect on move speed, so it might be fastest after selling off… I mean DONATING your Dwemer artifacts to a… ahem… MUSEUM.

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