What Are The Mechanics For Attack-Move

I don’t really understand the mechanics of attack move, ie what will you attack (closest? prefer champion?), and when do you attack after clicking?

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    If you attack move, your champion will attack the closest target, the instant it gets in range or becomes visible. Once it’s attacking a specific target, it won’t change targets even if others get closer, unless you manually override it.

    Attack move is generally useful only for making sure you start dealing damage as soon as possible. As soon as you’re actively engaged in combat, manually selecting targets is the better option. Attack moving into brush, for example, will mean that you automatically get an attack off if the enemy happens to be standing there, but then you should really (quickly) analyze the situation and decide how to continue, giving your own specific commands.


    The two links below first of the video explains Attack move or stutter stepping and why you want to use it in lane. The second link will guide you through the process of remapping you’re middle and left click mouse button so that you may make full use of them instead of using shift click you will use you’re mouse clicks which is far better and less tedious(Unless you have become accustomed to this)

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