What are some skills that can hit targets outside their range?

There are quite a few skills that I know of that can hit units outside their range, for example, Azir’s Soldiers and Lucian’s Q.

Are there any other skills that can do this?

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  • Also I feel that Xerath’s Q hitbox is longer than the range indicator, sometimes I catch people at the end of my Q even if they were seemingly out of my Q’s range.
    Is Xerath’s Q range longer than the indicator?

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    For most cases Riot tries to keep the range indicator as accurate as possible. I do not know all but a few that I know are Nidalee’s spear and Vi’s Q. Blitzcrank’s Q has a smaller animation, so it looks like the skillshot is smaller than it it. This is only valid on the I-Blitzcrank skin though. This is also the same for the Underworld Twisted Fate skin and the Santa Gragas skin. I do not know if Xerath’s Q has a bigger hitbox then its range indicator. Hope this helps.

    Off the top of my head I can think of these:

    -Lissandra’s Q (shatters past first target)

    -Sion’s E (Through minions)

    -Velkoz’s Q can travel further if fired at a right angle

    -Viktor’s E/Rumble’s Ultimate can hit outside of it’s indicated range

    -Urgot’s Q gets increased range when homing.

    -Nami’s W can bounce outside of the range of her indicator (if used on an ally it can bounce to an enemy far away).

    -Master Yi’s Q can hit enemies outside of range by bouncing through minions.

    -Miss Fortune’s Q can bounce outside of the initial range (although it does have a separate range indicator for the bounce).

    A couple I wasn’t sure about:

    -Syndra’s E’s range indicator is accurate (when considering the knock back effect on champions) but the knocked back dark spheres can travel beyond the range indicator)

    -LeBlanc’s E’s tether will break outside of a certain range, but until it has connected with a target it will not break (so you can Distortion in, cast chains, distortion out and the chains will still connect even though it is outside the range it should be).

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