What are all of the named locations?

Several achievements require visiting every “named location”:

What are the named locations in Three Horns, Tundra Express, Frostburn Canyon, Sanctuary, Opportunity, Lynchwood, The Highlands, Thousand Cuts, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus, Sawtooth Cauldron, and any other places required for their five achievements (“Arctic Explorer”, “Urban Explorer”, “Highlands Explorer”, “Blight Explorer”, and “World Traveler”)?

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    Here is the list of places for “World Traveler”. I did not include the other locations for the other 4 achievements as those would be included to get this achievement.
    Hope this helps.

    Windshear Waste

    • Claptrap’s Place
    • Frostbite Crevasse

    Southern Shelf

    • Liar’s Berg
    • Gateway Harbor
    • Wreck of the Ice Sickle
    • The Soaring Dragon
    • Bandit Freighter

    Southern Shelf Bay

    • Ice Flows
    • Ebonfloe
    • Blackburn Cove

    Southpaw Steam & Power

    • None

    The Dust

    • Boot Hill
    • Ellie’s Garage
    • Old Dahlwell Oasis
    • Bug Gulch
    • Moonshiner’s Shack
    • Goose’s Roost
    • Hodunk Speedway

    Bloodshot Stronghold

    • Rat’s Nest
    • Satan’s Suckhole

    Bloodshot Ramparts

    • Shrine of the Gunbringer

    Friendship Gulag

    • None

    End of the Line

    • Snowblind Defile
    • Terminus Plateau

    The Fridge

    • The Rat Maze
    • Crystal Claw Pit
    • Frigid Cleft
    • The Rakk Cave
    • Icemaw Grotto
    • Stalker Hollow

    Fink’s Slaughterhouse

    • Fink’s Slaughter Factory

    The Holy Spirits

    • Ale Wee Cavern

    Caustic Caverns

    • Oozing Discharge
    • Dahl Deep Core 06
    • Rumbling Shore
    • Nether Hive
    • Varkid Ramparts
    • Abandoned Mining Site
    • Infested Warehouse
    • Guardian Ruins

    The Bunker

    • None

    Control Core Angel

    • None

    Marcus’s Munitions Storeroom

    • None

    Ore Chasm

    • None

    Hero’s Pass

    • Guardian Slag Heap
    • Emergency Supply Cache
    • Drift Mouth Access

    Vault of the Warrior

    • None

    Terramorphous Peak (Not Required)

    I don’t know the names of the locations and honestly it doesn’t matter, all that matters is completely filling out the map to every one of those areas. Go there and check your map, if any of it is blank or if there are any areas where the map outline disappears and then starts again go there and hopefully the blank spot will be filled into a named location as you go there. Also bear in mind that certain areas like Three Horns and The Highlands are actually split into two seperate areas divided by a travel marker.

    Source: This was the technique I used to get all of those achievements.

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