What abitilies can still affect Vladimir while in Sanguine Pool?

Vladimir’s Sanguine Pool description is,

Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood becoming untargetable for 2 seconds

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  • There’s detailed documentation for the abilities and effects that Vlad is unaffected by when in Sanguine Pool, such as

    • Vladimir is untargetable by allied abillities during the duration, such as Soraka’s Wish and Sona’s Aria of Perseverance.

    • When Vladimir uses Sanguine Pool he is not affected by any auras, such as Abyssal Scepter’s aura or Soraka’s Consecration.

    • Will of the Ancients will not affect Vladimir even if he is the holder of the item. This means Vladimir will not benefit from the spell vamp and bonus ability power of the aura while in Sanguine Pool.

    However, there’s confusion about abilities that still affect him. So what abilities still affect Vladimir while he is using Sanguine Pool?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “What abitilies can still affect Vladimir while in Sanguine Pool?”

    Abilities that where cast BEFORE he pooled. Fiddles Drain is the example of an spell, and so is Swains Q and E; and example of an summonerspell is ignite. Aoe Abilites dont count into this (fiddle ult does no dmg, zyra ult does no dmg if pooled) but an aoe cage like veigars does count and stuns you.

    So to shorten it up: everything that targets you directly and does dot will still do dmg in your pool, aoe abilities will not affect him, with the exception of Veigars Cage (which simply works this way, its something Riot wants cause it rewards skill)

    It seems that you have already seen the wikia on his abilities, where it mentions the abilities that still take effect.

    Damage over time abilities or slows that are applied before pooling still take effect. Temporary environmental terrain such as Jarvan’s Cataclysm still block him. Veigar’s Event Horizon is considered an environmental terrain and will still stun Vladimir if he attempts to go through it while pooled.

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