War loot bonus when lost

When I search players to attack in a clan war, the game shows me a certain war bonus on every player.

Lets say the bonus is: 300k Gold & Elixir, and 1k Dark Elixir.
This is what I get if we win the war & I get 3 stars.

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    How much is it reduced when the war is lost with different stars?

    Source on answers will be appreciated.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “War loot bonus when lost”

    You get 40% of the available loot if your clan loses the war.

    For Victory/Draw/Defeat you get respectively: 100/70/40%of the initially expected loot. As of the newest 2017 update states.

    Though there’s one thing I want to clear up: the ‘war win bonus’ is rewarded in full to you and then the percentage above is applied. The number of stars you get on a base has no influence on this. Source is personal experience. I have ‘town hall sniped’ (which gives 1 star) a lot of times just because of this because my clan was winning the war by far and the other clan was mostly inactive so chances that they catch up was close to nil and I really needed resources for major upgrades. So whenever a clan is inactive attack straight away. Otherwise I would advise you to let them attack first.

    So if you have a bonus of 100k gold, you would get 100k gold no matter how many stars you scored if your clan wins. You’d get 70k gold if your clan draws and 40k gold otherwise, all this irrespective of the number of stars you scored.

    Note that if you score no stars, you won’t get any bonus (the bonus won’t appear at the top left of your screen).

    You only keep 30% of your bonus loot according to the wiki’s section on War Results if you lose the clan war. If it’s a draw, then you only keep 40%. If you win, then you get 100% of the bonus loot.

    The amount of stars you earn during the course of the war doesn’t matter in the overall bonus loot reduction.

    An example would be say I got 500,000 Gold/Elixir and 3,000 Dark Elixir. If we won I wound get all of the loot. If we tied, then I would only get 200,000 Gold/Elixir and 1,200 Dark Elixir. If we lost I would only get 120,000 Gold/Elixir and 900 Dark Elixir.

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