Use /testfor to make a custom command

Basically, I’m trying to recreate the Faction plugins /f map in my single-player without mods as my PC doesn’t run them very well. (I know it sounds strange.) I am trying to use the /testfor to test if I have written ‘/f map’ in chat, and if I have, it would show me a custom generated map.
I don’t know how to word this better xD Essentially what I want is for it to test if I have written a command in chat, and if I have, display something.

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    You can’t test exactly for /f map, but you can do similar with /triggers.

    First, set up the trigger objective:

    /scoreboard objectives add fmap trigger

    Then, when people type:

    /trigger fmap set 1

    You can select them with @a[score_fmap_min=1], or tell them something like:

    /tellraw @a[score_fmap_min=1] {"text":"message"}

    As a side note, creating a faction plugin with command blocks is a very ambitious goal, may be worth starting off with something simpler and smaller.

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