Under what conditions does Malthael drop legendary pieces or plans?

After first beating Malthael in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, I received 3 legendary drops.

  1. Reaper’s Wraps
  2. Reaper’s Fear
  3. A legendary pair of boots that dropped probably because I was lucky.

While I’m fairly certain that the boots were a random drop, I don’t think I could get as lucky to get Reaper’s Wraps and Fear without there being a method to their drops.

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  • Are all of these drops random? Do you always get the crafting material with the plan? I think that the Reapers items only drop upon killing Malthael, but I killed him again and I did not get any legendaries.

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    The fear is random, some people need to farm him over and over to get 1
    When you first kill him you get a guaranteed legendary, thus the boots. Reset your quests and you’ll get another.
    The plan all my friends got on their first kill as well so not sure.

    As of patch 2.0.5. Malthael will always drop the plan at level 60+, as long as the player does not already have the plan.

    The material remains a random drop from Malthael.

    Malthael will now always drop the plan for Reapers’ Wraps when killed
    at level 60 or higher if the player does not have the recipe, instead
    of only on the first kill

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