Turning on Aerial Faith Plate trajectory display?

In the Advanced Aerial Faith Plate room, the commentary node shows you trajectory lines for the Aerial Faith plates and talks about some of the implementation details of them. I was wondering if all of the trajectory visualization data was still present for the rest of the game and if there was a way to turn them on (presumably via the console)?

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    In Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\maps, you can find the commentary information called sp_a2_trust_fling_commentary.txt which contains these two relevant lines:

    "precommands" "developer 1;ent_bbox trigger_catapult"
    "postcommands" "ent_bbox trigger_catapult;developer 0"

    So, you can run developer 1 to enable developer commands and ent_bbox trigger_catapult to trigger the debugging information for the trigger_catapult entity.

    Here is what happens when I do developer 1;ent_bbox trigger_catapult without triggering:

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