Third Sub Class slot

I found this reddit thread recently after wondering what was happening with the third empty sub-class slot in the Character menu.

The gist of it is that there are three “Elements” – Solar, Void, and Arc. Each class has a combination of 2/3:

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    • Titan: Arc/Void
    • Hunter: Solar/Arc
    • Warlock: Void/Solar

    The idea behind this is so that you will be inclined to use at least two of the three classes, to gain access to all the elements. However, there is also a third, empty sub-class slot; leading me to believe something’s coming…

    The link I provided above suggests this will be a mix ‘n’ match style subclass, where you can select abilities from either sub-class to create your own custom one.

    Does anyone know what this third slot is actually for?

    Third Empty Subclass slot

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    EDIT: With the announcement of the Taken King DLC, a new subclass for each class has been revealed, coming this September:

    • Titan: Sunbreaker (solar)
    • Warlock: Stormcaller (arc)
    • Hunter: Nightstalker (void)

    Note: The following information was true upon original release of the game (pre June 2015), but new subclasses have since been announced.

    This slot is due to the way subclasses were supposed to work. The mechanic I’ll describe below was removed on the day one patch:

    Removed subclass locking from builds.

    Basically, the way subclasses were supposed to work was as follows:

    1. You level up a subclass all the way, choosing which perks you wanted.

    2. The final ability “locked” the subclass (can’t change perks anymore) and gave you a slight boost to stats

    3. Now that you’ve locked this subclass, you can start leveling a new subclass (either the same or your other option) with an exp bonus to level it faster

    If that wasn’t clear enough, see this article

    The point of this was to experiment with different builds. They removed this feature in favor of freely swapping between subclasses. It seems it was an oversight to leave the third subclass slot in the character menu.

    With the release of the new Taken King DLC 3 new subclasses have (finally) been announced for each Class –

    • Titan: Sunbreaker
    • Warlock: Stormcaller
    • Hunter: Nightstalker

    This allows for each Class to have access to all 3 subclass types (Void, Sol, and Arc). Each of these subclasses opens up new abilities and weapons for each class.

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