Start another Borderlands playthrough

After I finished Borderlands main story (not DLC) when I exited and restarted the game, it asked me if I want to continue Playthrough 1 or start Playthrough 2.

But what will happen to my character if I start Playthrough 2?

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    Well since people are actually reading this, there’s a little bit more information on each point.

    The answers in order:

    • Yes – All quests reset – The game begins just as though you had started at lvl 1 (minus the character selection, so you’ll have to do everything over again (including the tutorial!)
    • No – You keep everything – This is pretty straightforward, what you have on you at the end of playthrough 1 stays with you. However, items in playthrough 2 are scaled (see below on scaling). So you’ll find the same named weapons but they will have better stats, so don’t just ignore them.
    • Yes – Mobs scale to your level -It is expected that after completing your first playthrough you will be around lvl 35 (give or take). Therefore when you start a new game, the mobs will have 35 added to their level (again give or take a level). Which is why specific enemies (like Crawmerax for example) have a set level. If you’re looking to do the Secret Armory of General Knoxx, you should be lvl 50ish (about 2.5 playthroughs).
    • No – You can go find it in playthrough 2, or you can access playthrough one with your current character (so if you have gained a level in playthrough 2, that level sticks when going back to playthrough 1). This includes any subsequent playthroughs.

    Hope that helps!

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