Skyrim sudden FPS drop during zone transition

Does anyone know how to fix an issue where changing zones (immediately after loading screen appears) FPS drops to single digits. Restarting the game is a workaround but I’m looking for a long-term fix.

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    Try to Ctrl+Alt+Del then press Esc. I use this in every new zone.

    I think I found a fix for this issue guys. download the TES Skyrim 0.090 Patch 3 from here, drop the contents in your skyrim folder, not the “data” folder, just where you can find your .exe.

    As far as I can understand its a driver specifically for Skyrim. In fact, when you open the launcher and go to change your settings it does not say the model of your card, it says the name of the driver in question. Sorry for my bad english.

    Good luck!

    I have the same problem. I’ve read somewhere that changing the AA to 2x and/OR turning it off ingame and forcing it on in your CCC fixes the stuttering issue.

    A solution that does work is:

    Going in and out of your menu screen (by spamming esc) 3-6 times.

    That’s a constant fix for me. Immersion breaking, however.

    Also, turning off “object fading” in the advanced options menu in the launcher might be of influence. This is an idea of myself which I have not tested yet, but considering the fact that I heard people with the same issue complain that it happens when objects fade in made me think.

    I haven’t tested any of these resolutions yet. I’m at work and will try them out tonight. I have good hopes, however.

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