Should I prioritize CP or moves?

I had a Pidgey, I evolved it and it became a Pidgeotto with 110 CP. Its moves are Wing Attack(12) and Twister(15) (I’m not sure what those numbers mean, but I suppose it’s their damage).

Today I saw another Pidgeotto and caught it. It has 48 CP and its moves are Wing Attack(12) and Aerial Ace(25). How can I decide which of them I should go with?

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  • The first Pidgeotto has way more CP but one of my friends told me that moves have a big impact and the second Pidgeotto has Aerial Ace(25).

    Will the second Pidgeotto ever catch up to the first’s CP, and can I ever teach the first Pidgeotto different moves?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Should I prioritize CP or moves?”

    Two things to have in mind :

    • You can power-up your pokemon to increase CP. In this case, Attacks will be more important. You just need to power-up a little more the 48 one.
    • With evolution, pok√©mon can (will) change theirs attacks. So, if you want to evolve your Pidgeotto, their currents attacks doesn’t matter. Evolve the 110 one. If you don’t like his attacks, or think you can have better, evolve the second one to see.

    Resume : Look for attacks IF the pokemons can’t evolve more, CP after. And the more CP, the better !

    CP is more important until a pokemon reaches it’s final form. Every time it evolves, its attacks essentially get shuffled and it may have brand new ones. As far as I can tell so far there is no way to predict what attacks you’ll get after evolution, so until it’s final form, just evolve the higher CP one. Once you get duplicates in the final form, this is when attack types matter, as they are permanent at this point since there is no more evolution. At that time, choose the one that has the attacks you want and train that one.

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