Should I install steam/origin on SSD and map some games to HDD or other way around?

Well the topic explains it all. I just reinstalled my PC. Now that I have a larger SSD I want to have some games on my SSD and some other games on my HDD.

I wonder if I should install Steam and Origin on the SSD, and move some of the games to my HDD, or can I also install Steam/Origin on the HDD, and move some of the games to the SSD? Is there a performance penalty?

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    Steam/Origin programs themselves are small, but may make many changes to there own directories, because of this I won’t install them on the SSD.

    Personally I’d map specific directories only; i.e

    /dir/steam/steamapps/common/game1/ maps to SSD:/game1/

    This way you get full performance from the SSD without having to mess with Steam/Orgin’s settings.

    Also I’d ONLY map games that have large loads, small games aren’t going to give a large enough difference in load speed.

    NOTE: The only time I’d install Steam/Orgin on the SSD would be if there were only say 1 or 2 games installed and I wanted performance from both, then instead of hassling with mapping directories I’d just install all on the same drive.

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