Revealing the unseen – Focus the oculory – Why can't I focus the focus crystal?

I’m on the quest Revealing the unseen, objective Focus the oculory. The guy in the room tells me the crystal now needs to be “focused” using cold and heat spells. I have moved the lenses in the roof around using the oculory controls so that they are each positioned pretty close to a light beam. I also found the tomes of flames and frostbite laying on a table near said oculory controls.

The problem is that after probably an hour of screwing around, I have come to the conclusion that NOTHING in this room responds in any way to either of the spells. I have literally scorched and frozen every reachable centimetre of this room, especially the lenses and focus crystal, and the light beams aren’t even slightly moving.

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  • EDIT TO ADD TO THE ABOVE: I have also tried blasting all of the lenses with fire-then-ice, ice-then-fire, both at the same time, and all of the above in various combinations and durations. No effect what so ever.

    In addition I have both left the area and returned and restarted the game. Has the quest bugged up terribly with me or is there something I haven’t thought of?

    STATUS UPDATE: This YouTube video shows how the objective is done. This does not work for me, so I assume that the mission is bugged. I’ll mark the answer that helps me finish the objective as correct.

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    Found a workaround (Credit to Sebastian at
    Open the console (Press ~ or some other button like § or ½ depending on your keyboard layout), and type player.SetStage MG06 55. That should take you to the next part of the event.

    You actually don’t blast the lenses, you have to hit the focus crystal. Try hitting that with fire and ice to adjust, until the beams of light line up better with the rings on the roof. You then have to use the buttons on the platform above the device to move the rings so that the mirrors are in place.

    I just finished this quest, and it wouldn’t let me focus the crystal by hitting the upper part. I actually shot the floor, there are a few of the blue orb things that when hit with frost/fire would focus the beam. I’m not sure if that’s the intended way to get it to focus, but it worked for me. Try shooting the floor if the actual crystal doesn’t work for you.

    This will help you out with this bug: The light on the top of the circle as you enter in the observatory for the first time in our case is not visible as it is in this video:

    I couldn’t get this to work with the frostbolt and firebolt (projectile) spells. Hitting the lenses with those spells just switched between 2 states which couldn’t solve the puzzle.

    However with the flames and frostbite spells it worked for me. The key is that you have to hold the button down while casting, so the lenses continue to change position.

    OK, here’s a solution if you do not see the light beams:

    1. 6 seconds Frostbite, even if you don’t see anything.
    2. Push the button in the middle 5 times.
    3. Push the left button once.
    4. Push the right button 5 time.

    In case this doesn’t work: Go downstairs and hit Frostbite for another 1-2 seconds (cast one-handed).

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