Pokemon X and Y Hacked Pokemon

I got a shiny Rayquaza on Pokémon White 2. It has the normal ability, and normal stats/moves, but it was caught in Sinnoh on level 41. I would like to know if it is hacked, would it affect my Pokémon X game? Would the save file corrupt?

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    Trying to transfer hacked/altered pokemon from Gen V games to Pokemon X/Y will not result in any save file corruption or ban. I speak from experience, since one of my traded pokemon in Pokemon Black 2 was flagged as hacked by the PokeTransporter and was excluded from the transfer. (If you are curious it was a Japanese Torterra I had traded through GTS)
    This does not corrupt the Gen V or the X/Y game.

    If your pokemon is detected as a hacked/illegal pokemon, it will just stay in your Gen V game, and won’t be transferred through Poketransporter. No side-effects occur. I recommend releasing that pokemon to never be bothered by it again.

    It will not as much effect your game file, due to the fact that the Pokebank will be used to trade it over. If the rayquaza is indeed a fake, the Pokebank will not allow it to be traded!

    I don’t think they would think it was hacked. If it was a low level and legit they wouldn’t have a problem. Now if it was hacked in and it was level 100 and shiny that’s a different story. If it was that then they would notice it. But if it isn’t you should be fine. I’m glad to help.

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