Xbox 360 unable to read disc

I recently bought and installed FIFA 13 to my Xbox 360, but whenever I try to play it, it says it can’t read disk. I’ve cleaned the disk many times and done everything I can think of. I’ve had my Xbox for 2 years. How can I play the game without acquiring another Xbox?

Can PSP Batteries be recharged via USB?

I’ve obtained a recharging cable for my PSP that has a USB plug at the end rather than an AC adapter. I have a Lithium Ion Battery Pack which i use to charge up my iPhone when it’s low on power and I have a bunch of those wall plugs you get with Apple devices […]

I can't unlock Captain Falcon!

On the original Super Smash Bros for N64, I read in many, many places that to unlock Captain Falcon you need to beat the single player game in under 20 minutes on any difficulty. Well, according to my watch, I beat it in 16 minutes, including the credits, without losing a single life. I expected […]

How do I testfor/scoreboard a Player in a MinecartRideable (1.9)?

I am attempting to create a Minecart mechanic where once the player is in the Minecart it starts moving in a certain direction. I am not a beginner with command blocks, so in your answer you can talk technical with me. I am just not familiar with the new 1.9 tags. I have attempted (on […]

Where are the missing books?

During the “Hitting the books” mission, I had the fight with the caller; the game guide says the books are on her body. I searched her and the entire room including surrounding rooms but no books anywhere. Does anyone know where they are or has anyone experienced this problem?

Who should I appoint regents and partners?

In Massive Chalice, you can appoint a regent and a partner to a keep. However, there is no explanation of what to look for in a suitable couple, other than to remember that they will be retired from combat. In the default list, they are sorted by experience … but I don’t know if it’s […]

What are the possible quest rewards from the civil war storyline?

Im trying to decide between joining the Stormcloaks or the Imperials. I intend to decide based off the potential rewards from each side. What are the possible rewards for completing either the Stormcloak or Imperial side of the civil war quest chain?

How do you make mobs follow each other in a trail?

I am trying to make a new mob for part of a big project but the problem is that I can’t figure out how to make mobs follow eachother… I was going to make it so that I have 3 zombies… Ones the lead and another is following behind… The third zombie will be following […]

Why is my Pokémon not at its max potential CP?

I have a 100IV Dragonite (Double-checked, and it comes out with the top valued appraisal, included good Stam, Atk and Def) and I am Level 39. My Dragonite is only 3531CP, and the HP is in fact 154HP, but the maximum should be 3581CP and the Power-Up Button has disappeared (meaning that it will not […]

What are the special abilities the unique/champion monsters can have?

Unique and champion monsters will have a combination of randomly determined affixes/abilities, such as “nightmarish” or “waller”. What are all of the possible abilities?

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