How do I set up a delay within a command block

I’m trying to recreate Runner in Minecraft 1.9 singleplayer, but I cannot get how to set up a delay so that the player can run without getting killed.

Imperial levels time increases?

I noticed that the imperial level items take a lot longer to build all of a sudden this morning on windows phone. Did that happen on the other platforms, too? Also, it seems that the rewards for creating cooling coils are insufficient to the cost of the cooling coils…..

Will shiny Pokemon appear when playing Pokemon on an emulator?

I’m playing the original Ruby (mugs version) on My boy! emulator for android and I am seriously considering looking for Shinies BUT, are there shinies in roms? Or does the RNG process that determines if shinies spawn or not get removed in the emulation process?

Is there a command to display my coordinates in chat?

I know I can get them by toggling f3, but It would be much more efficient, in my opinion, to just display it without a toggle.

Does it make sense to keep class 1 airports open with few airplanes?

I’m about level 17 or so on Pocket Planes, and I have been mostly opening class 2 and 3 airports now that I can afford to. I’m noticing that I have a ton of jobs now that I can’t fulfill; I only have 11 airplanes. Does it make sense to keep class 1 airports open, […]

Can I install a game onto an Xbox 360 from an image on a flash drive?

I scratched my NBA 2k13 game disc and didn’t install it into my Xbox 360. I asked my friend to download his NBA 2k13 copy to my usb flash drive. Is there a way I can install 2k13 to my Xbox 360 from the flash drive?

Is the Blue Buff (even with the nerf) stronger than the Red Buff? If so, Why?

In watching a lot of scrimmages lately, it seems like getting the Blue Buff is a more important objective then getting the Red Buff, and at certain points it is more important than getting second tier towers. Why is this?

If I buy a game or DLC on one computer via Steam, can I play it on another?

I wanna buy it on my friends macbook tonight, then play it on my pc tomorrow night.

Is it common to only find empty CS:GO servers?

I played CS:GO today and found that there were no servers, and it told me to increase the maximum ping requirement. I increased it from 150 to 200 and it found a server. However, every single person in the server was a BOT I hit the top option (the one that doesn’t give you a […]

Mid-range weapon balance

I was wondering in a straight up fight with no missed shots how the BR, DMR, and Carbine compare? Is it like Halo 3 where the combine shoots faster, but time wise needs 1 more shot? Basically if you start shooting at the exact same time and every shot lands which gun wins? I haven’t […]

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