Minecraft PE, no more multi server?

Since the new update of mincraft PE, my kid can no longer connect to any local servers, or play on a server such as Lifeboat…Everything worked fine for 2 years, then after the update, it just didn’t work anymore. We have not changed a thing, no do we use an outside app for servers. Just […]

Can you catch Keldeo in Pokemon X/Y?

Can you tell me what event you can get a Keldeo in?

What are the ranges of each skill?

A number of skills seem to have a max range which is never explicitly mentioned in the skill. For example, when I cast Spirit Barrage, it will try to find a target near where I cast it, but will eventually stop if the target is too far away. Or I will cast Acid Cloud at […]

I cannot type anything in Minecraft PE?

I have a Motorola XOOM and it wont let me type on anything. I cannot create signs, enter IP addresses, or name maps at all. Is there a fix for this?

Is there any way to get returning player content on PC without previously playing?

I have GTA V for PC but now I see the “returning player exclusive” stuff. I did not have GTA V on consoles (nor did I have a console) and as such I want the extra stuff. Is there a way to do that? Could I log into a friends PS3 and transfer my character […]

What are the pros and cons of Quantum Armor and the Modular Powersuits?

I want to know the pros and cons of having the Quantum Armor (including the GraviChestPlate) compared to the pros and cons of the Modular Powersuits (with all modules installed). What I don’t care about Anything unnecessary for everyday protection (anything extra is bonus, but I don’t really care about it. I only care about […]

“Choose production” bug: game stops map scrolling and doesn't respond to orders, but shows tooltips and animations

There is an annoying bug in Civilization 5: Brave New World, when in certain conditions game stops responding to your orders: you cannot move units, switch between them or choose their actions. However, the game doesn’t hang up – it still shows animations, shows tooltips for terrain tiles while hovering the cursor, the menu can […]

PS3 membership accessing ps4 content

If I have a PSmembership using a PS3….do I need a new membership for PS4? Can I log in to the PSnetwork with my member info from PS3 and access PS4 content?

How to place redstone using Command Blocks

I used this to place redstone: /setblock -624.5 244 -1692.5 redstone 0 replace It gives an error saying that there is no such thing as minecraft:redstone. I tried many different things and nothing works. How can I make a command block place redstone?

How to keep saves automatically without import/export?

I wanna keep my game saved and opened automaticaly, without import or export is there a way to achive this?

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