Becoming Thieves Guild Guildmaster, am I bugged?

I’ve completed the Thieves Guild main questline (Darkness Returns) and chosen my special power (Shadowcloak of Nocturnal). It says completed in my quest log. I also completed the extra jobs in each city you can give Thieves guild influence to (Markarth, Whiterun, Windhelm, and Solitude) and done their special jobs from Delvin. They show completed […]

I can't play Pokemon GO! What's wrong?

Pokemon GO isn’t working at all for me right now. I’m in one of the following circumstances and can’t do anything: My game is displaying a “Try Again” message I’m stuck on the Loading Screen When I sign in I get a message that the servers are experiencing problems. I see the map but nothing […]

How can I find a lost item?

I’ve lost Morekei, 100% magicka regen, and I have no idea how. I’ve been looping through all of the shopkeepers I might have somehow sold it to but no one seems to have it. I’ve got this game on PC. Is there any way I can gain information about where in the game world it […]

How do I ward properly in League of Legends?

I tend to like to play a support champion. Since I’m slowly making my way to mid and high level play its getting more important to get good wards up because ganks become more common. I am therefore interested in learning how to ward effectively. What are good/important spots for wards (especially on Summoners Rift)? […]

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